Nursing Home Consultation

Total Health Pharmacists Difference

With our reviews, you can be confident your residents receive care that will improve their outcomes, as well as your facilities.
Our pharmacists have additional training and hold certifications in medication therapy management.

Competitive costs to you, with no sacrifice on quality

We provide you with comprehensive reports that can identify medication mismanagement early

Our Products and Services

  • Comprehensive medication reviews
  • Chart Reviews
  • Admission order entry services
  • Improve outcomes and CMS star ratings
  • Reporting on recommendation summaries, services rendered and staff performance
  • Facilitate communication between nursing personnel and the dispensing pharmacy
  • Lab value reviews
  • Assist with OBRA compliance
  • Medication cart inspections
  • Medication administration audits
  • Pre-Admission Reviews
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Drug Return Programs

Optimize Drug Therapies

We ensure your patients are on the correct doses of their medications, and will work with your team to make adjustments if needed. We also seek out drug interactions and resolve them quickly.

Ask About our Admission Order Entry Services!

We work with any EMR system to reduce costly medication errors and readmissions. We can help with formulary management at time of admission and free up your nursing staff to care for your residents.


Why Choose Us

We stand out from the competition because we’re not tied to a LTC pharmacy, so we can provide unbiased recommendations that don’t affect our company’s bottom line. Our interests and your interests are truly aligned.

Higher star ratings are increasingly tied to higher reimbursement rates!
Total Health Pharmacists will work with your facility to improve CMS star ratings. Your residents will have streamlined therapies, with higher adherence rates and lower medication costs.

Chart Reviews

Our chart reviews are comprehensive and accurate. Each monthly review is performed by a Doctor of Pharmacy certified in medication therapy management.

“Total Health Pharmacists will improve outcomes and
CMS star ratings at YOUR facility”