Our Health Plan Solutions

For Healthcare Administrators and Insurance Brokers

We are quality and outcome focused

We make evidence based recommendations on each individual patient.
Our patient-centered health plan solutions are tailored to the goals of each healthcare organization.

Why Choose Us

We do not utilize a one size fits all approach and believe we have the ability to show positive and impactful outcomes for every patient.

Our patient-centered health plan solutions are tailored to the goals of each healthcare organization. We are able to help increase member satisfaction, decrease member attrition, and increase quality bonus payments.

We offer the complete package of wellness services, with the expertise of pharmacists and medical professionals to enhance positive outcomes.

Our Health Plan Solutions:

  • Increase Quality of Care
  • Reduce Cost of Medical Care and Prescription Drugs
  • Increase Patient and Professional Satisfaction
  • Improve Quality and Value of Comprehensive Medication Reviews


Outcomes We Can Provide:

  • Improved Compliance, Adherence, and CMS Star Rating
  • Medication Related Problems Resolved
  • Hospitalizations Avoided
  • Decreased Hospital Readmission Rates
  • Improved Quality Measure Scores

Medicare Solutions

Our Medicare Solutions

In todays healthcare environment, it’s imperative that your plan stands above the competition with a 5 star rating. CMS incentivizes the quality of care that you provide, and Total Health Pharmacists can assist you in improving your quality. 88% of all prescriptions filled are for Medicare Beneficiaries with multiple illnesses. Total Health prides itself on being an industry leader in providing wellness solutions and medication therapy management. We can offer you:

Improved Medication Adherence

Patients with a better understanding of their medications better adhere to them.

Member Satisfaction

Open communication and education about the patients medication will increase their satisfaction.

High Risk Medication Usage

Total health will stress the importance of monitoring and “taking as directed” with their high risk medications.

Decreased Readmission Rates

We will work with the patient post discharge to ensure they are adhering to their medications and are not on any interacting medications.

HEDIS and Clinical Quality Measures

These scores are important in todays competitive market, and Total Health will work to improve your HEDIS/NCQA scores.

Private Health Plans

Our Private Health Plan Solutions

We provide the premier solution for your participants’ wellness. This includes a robust program offering that will ensure your participant stays healthy and engaged. These programs affect the patient positively, which will in turn directly increase the quality of care your plan provides. Every dollar spent on these offerings will more than double your ROI.

Increasing costs equals higher premiums and payment cuts which lead to declining member satisfaction and increased attrition. Total Health Pharmacists will reduce these costs with our proven wellness offerings. We strive to increase member satisfaction by providing the realization of a healthy lifestyle! A healthier member reduces your bottom line and has a positive outcome.

Our Suite of Wellness Offerings Include:

  • Medication Checkups
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Nutrition Consults
  • Immunization Clinics
  • Patient Portal to Track Progress and Outcomes Reporting

For Insurance Brokers

Partner with Us

Total Health Pharmacists can partner with you to develop a customized wellness solution for your clients. We specialize in tailored wellness services that are outcomes focused. We are different than other wellness providers, in that we are able to focus on both preventative services and optimization of treatment for an individual.

Total Health Pharmacists is the complete solution for you and your clients!