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We can positively impact both value and quality

Total Health Pharmacists believe that for an ACO to be successful
it must focus on providing well-rounded patient centered services NOW to prevent costs in the future.

What are ACOs?

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are groups of expert pharmacists, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, who come together voluntarily to coordinate on high quality care measures to their Medicare patients.

The biggest cost savings in the ACO model comes from keeping patients out of hospitals. Total Health Pharmacists is uniquely positioned to positively impact readmission rates by empowering and giving a patient the tools they need to become adherent to their medication therapy.

Recognizing the Need for Chronic Care Coordination

  • 1 in 3 of all American adults take 5 or more medications
  • 88% of all prescriptions filled are for medicare beneficiaries with multiple illnesses who typically have 50 different prescriptions filled each year
  • 76% of all hospital admissions each year involve medicare beneficiaries who have more than one illness
  • Medicare beneficiaries are 100 times more likely to have a preventable hospitalization than someone without a chronic condition

How We Can Help Your ACO

18 of the 33 ACO quality care metrics depend on appropriate medication use to achieve goals. Doesn’t it make sense to have a Total Health Medication expert on your team? Total Health Pharmacists can help your ACO by working collaboratively with providers to enroll your patients in our extensive disease management programs.

  • Transitions of Care & Medication Reconciliation
    Historically 30% of medications reviewed post discharge require intervention. We’ll review for duplicate drugs, change in dose, therapy dc’d, missed refills (non-adherence), and educate patients on how to take their medications correctly.
  • CMM – Care Plan Management
    After our Medication Check-ups (MTM), your patients will be provided with a Medication Action Plan (MAP), and a Personal Medication List (PML)
  • Adherence Program
    Patients flagged for gaps in care are followed up on by one of our Total Health Pharmacists to get them back on track, and empower them to take medication as prescribed
  • We are uniquely positioned to offer health/weight loss coaching, smoking cessation, and chronic disease programs
  • We also offer Biometric Screenings, Health Risk Assessments, and Immunization Services

ACOs are the Future of Healthcare
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