Our Mission

By utilizing the most current clinical knowledge of medications and wellness, we can help people achieve their ultimate goal of total health.

Established with the strong belief that a patient’s overall health promotes a better quality of life and general well-being, Total Health Pharmacists provides a hands-on approach that focuses on the individual health and wellness goals of each and every patient. Preventative care and early detection of a potential condition are key factors in promoting health.

With over a decade of combined experience of practicing pharmacy in various roles, co-founders and doctors of pharmacy, Nick Bouchard and Ryan Bouchard realize that the scope of treatment extends far beyond medications alone. The center of Total Health Pharmacists is the continuum of patient care outside the traditional healthcare facility. We strive to better the outcomes of our patients by going above the standard of care.

Nick Bouchard, PharmD

"The biggest return we provide is improving the health of a person or employee" Nick grew up in a small community in upstate New York and attended th [...]

Ryan Bouchard, PharmD

"When trying to drive positive outcomes one thing in particular will always hold true - the individual must be placed at the center of care, and be gi [...]